What is the best place to buy thc-o?

After a thorough analysis and exhaustive comparisons, we have compiled a list of the ten best THC-O carts on the market today. Each of these brands offers high-quality THC-O vape cartridge options that are tasty, powerful and incredibly effective for consumers of all levels of experience. The only brand that prevailed, Binoid, showed all the other brands how it's done. The THCO vape cartridges offered by Binoid work, taste and perform better than any other cartridge on this list, making them our best choice overall.

THCO, also known as Delta-8-THCOacetate, is a semisynthetic cannabinoid made from delta-8 THC derived from hemp. Basically, professionals will take hemp and extract CBD from it. Then, they extract delta-8 from CBD and combine it with a chemical compound called acetic anhydride. This reaction creates the cannabinoid THCO.

The cannabinoid originates from CBD, which makes it natural in that sense; however, to do so, chemists have to combine natural cannabinoids with an unnatural chemical compound.

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