What are the benefits of buying thc-o?

While not much is known about the effects of THC-O, those who use this cannabinoid believe that it can help relieve pain, increase appetite and reduce anxiety. Those looking for the mental health benefits of medical marijuana will enjoy this new cannabinoid. As the body absorbs THC-O at higher levels, you'll experience more powerful effects. One of the benefits of THC-O is that patients must consume very high amounts of THC as part of the treatment of a condition.

THC-O can help in these cases by giving patients access to more THC. You might be comfortable buying one-eighth of marijuana at your local dealer, but compounds like THC-O and THCP simply don't work as well as growing a plant in your backyard and selling your crops. Acetic anhydride is highly flammable, so it's crucial that you don't try to produce THC-O at home and only buy it from a reliable source.

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