How much does thc-o cost?

CannaBuddy offers several THC-O vape cartridges (carts) in our online store. After trying some of the most popular gummies available, I've narrowed this list down to the best THC-O gummies you can buy legally online. After starting with a list of 16 brands, I've spent more than 20 hours trying THC-O gummies from a short list of 6 to find out which ones are worth buying. In recent months, a synthetic cannabinoid derived from hemp, THC-O acetate, whose abbreviation is THC-O (pronounced THC oh), has rapidly gained popularity among Americans.

So why do we intend to transform delta-9 into THC-O? Well, as it turns out, THC-O THC allows you to retain most of the advantages that delta-9 provides without burdening any of the disadvantages.

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